The Pros and Cons of Paying Your Mortgage off Biweekly Versus Monthly
By Peta-Gay
November 25, 2015

If you have a mortgage, you’re probably looking for the best option to pay it off. Monthly mortgage payments are an easy-to-manage way to pay for your house – in fact, they’re the most common form of mortgage payment – but now, many homeowners are discovering that biweekly payments offer them better results.

So is a biweekly payment the better option for you? Which payment strategy best fits your individual circumstances? Here’s what ...

Thinking About Downsizing? Here's What You Need to Know About Life in a Condo
By Peta-Gay
November 30, 2015

The shift from home living to condo life may seem like a minor one, but there are plenty of things that will differentiate your lifestyle other than size when it comes to making a condominium purchase. If you’re contemplating this move and wondering about some of the things that this might entail, here are a few factors that are worth considering.

The Fees You’ll Have to Pay

While a smaller condo ...

Real Estate Investing: Why Buying a Condo in a Ski Resort Area Can Be a Great Investment
By Peta-Gay
November 18, 2015

The decision to invest in real estate can be one rife with risk, but if you’re ready to take this type of step into the investment market, you might be wondering where to begin. While upcoming neighborhoods and university areas may always be a place where investment is a viable idea, here are some reasons it can be a boon to consider a resort condo.

A Reliable Influx of Visitors

The great thing ...

Small Home Staging: 3 Ways That You Can Stage Smaller Spaces to Make Them Pop
By Peta-Gay
November 20, 2015

When it comes to real estate, putting your home in its best light is key when it comes to making the sale. While it may seem like you’re more limited with a home of a smaller scale, here are a few ways you can enhance what’s best and make a good impression on potential buyers.

Let There Be Ideal Light

If you’ve ever taken note of a room on ...

Looking to Close Faster? Follow This Easy Guide to Speeding Up the Mortgage Process
By Peta-Gay
November 17, 2015

If you’re buying a home, you’ll want to try to get your mortgage processed as quickly as possible. Improperly filed mortgage applications are one of the biggest reasons why home sales get delayed, and if you have a hard move-out date already set, it’s critical that your mortgage process goes smoothly.

With careful planning, though, you can shorten the mortgage process and get your financing approved faster. Here’s what you need ...