A Zero Closing Cost Mortgage? Yes, It Is Possible - and Here Is How to Make It Happen
By Peta-Gay
June 1, 2015

For both refinance and purchase loans, a typical borrower may pay between three to six percent of their loan amount in closing costs. The actual amount will vary based on a number of different factors, but the bottom line is that these costs can equate to thousands of dollars for a home loan applicant. Closing costs may include everything from title charges and collections to set up the escrow account to prepaid insurance, appraisal fees, inspection fees and more. Finding a zero ...

An Insider Guide to the HomePath Program and Closing Cost Assistance from Fannie Mae
By Peta-Gay
June 2, 2015

Home buyers today may be concerned about finding the perfect home to purchase, but they are also often concerned with the process of applying for a mortgage. The loan application process itself may seem daunting, but many are concerned about finding a great deal on their mortgage. This may include getting a great interest rate and finding a program with low closing costs. The Fannie Mae HomePath program and closing cost assistance program is a beneficial option for many, and you may ...

Thinking About Buying a Rental Property? 3 Reasons You Will Want to Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval
By Peta-Gay
June 8, 2015

A rental property is a wonderful investment option to consider, and it can provide you with everything from considerable tax benefits to appreciation and monthly cash flow. While you may be eager to get started searching for a new rental property to invest in, a good idea is to take the initial step to get pre-approved for your mortgage. There are several good reasons why a pre-approval is an important first step to take.

Determining What Sales Price to ...

Buying a Classic Older Home? Three Upgrades You Will Need to Make Immediately
By Peta-Gay
June 3, 2015

While some home buyers only want to live in a brand new home and will custom build a home to their specifications, others are drawn to the historic character and charm of a classic home. Older homes may have incredible architectural detail and special features that you simply do not want to change. However, there are some essential features that should be upgraded as soon as possible after you take ownership of your classic home.

The Electrical Panel

Buying a Home? What to Do if Problems Are Found During the Final Home Inspection
By Peta-Gay
June 4, 2015

As a home buyer, you may go through a number of different steps to ensure that the property that you purchase is in great condition. For example, you may complete an initial walk-through or even several home tours before you make an offer. You may also order a property inspection and even negotiate for the seller to make some repairs on your behalf. A day or two before your closing date, you may set up a final home inspection to ...