Buying a Home for the First Time? Five Real Estate Terms You Will Need to Know
By Peta-Gay
July 7, 2017

The terminology involved in the real estate market can be vexing for the newcomer, but if you're getting prepared to buy a home, there are a few choice words you should take some time to learn. While it's hard to learn the ins and outs in one article, here's a place to begin with five terms you may be hearing a lot of in the future.

Amortization Period

It may sound like a very fancy term, ...

Facing a Scorching Hot Housing Market? 3 Reasons You Will Want a Great Real Estate Agent
By Peta-Gay
July 6, 2017

For many homeowners who are selling in today’s  real estate market, pinching every penny can be important. This can mean that it's a consideration to opt out of a real estate agent and go with the DIY approach. However, there are many things an agent can do for you in a hot market that may be worth the money. If you're wondering how a real estate agent can help you, here are some things to consider.


Hip Hip Hooray
By Peta-Gay
July 4, 2017

From our families to yours we say God Bless America and thank you to those who serve. Happy 4th of July!

Buyer Beware Three Major Red Flags to Watch for When Visiting Open Houses
By Peta-Gay
July 5, 2017

Open houses are a good opportunity to get out to see what kind of home you're looking for and if it will work for you. Fortunately, they can also be a good opportunity to find out some things about the house you're looking at that might not be listed on the website and may be less than flattering. If you're wondering what red flags to watch out for, pay attention to the following things the next time you're at a showing.

To Paint or Not to Paint Before Selling Your Home That Is the Question. Here Are Some Answers!
By Peta-Gay
July 3, 2017

If you're planning some renovations before you sell your home, you're probably trying to determine what will boost its value best so you can get out the money you're putting in. Pulling out the paint for some touch-ups may be one of the most common things you'll hear about, but before taking on such a sizeable job, it's worth considering the needs of your home and what you'll have the ability to do before it goes on the market.

The ...