Appointment Setter Position
By Peta-Gay
January 14, 2015

Property Locators, LLC™ is a property management and real estate servicing company that is seeking a part-time (preferably bi-lingual) appointment setter to work from home office as independent contractor. Requires strong sales or appointment setting background and excellent communication skills. Personal computer,  landline, and high speed internet are needed.

Hours Per Week: 10-20

Wage: Minimum wage plus appointment setting bonus

To Apply:  Send resume and cover letter to

Internship Position
By Peta-Gay
January 14, 2015

Property Locators, LLC™ is a property management and real estate servicing company that is seeking an intern who is interested in learn the property management and real estate fields.  Opportunities to learn will include:

Answer the telephone and forward calls to appropriate parties.

Submit listings and changes to a multiple listing service.

Follow up on loan commitments after a contract has been negotiated.

Assemble documents for closing.

Secure documents (public information) from courthouses, public utilities, etc.

Have keys made for company listings.

Write and place ads for approval by Realtor, supervising broker or office manager.

Type contract forms at the direction of and for approval by Realtor, supervising broker or office manager.

Compute commission checks.

Place signs on property.

Arrange the date and time of home, termite, and well/septic inspection, mortgage application, pre-settlement walk-thru, and settlement.

Prepare flyers and promotional information for approval by Realtor, supervising broker or office manager.

Act as courier service to deliver documents, pick-up keys, etc.

Schedule an open house.

Schedule appointments for Realtor to show listed property.

Accompany Realtor to an open house or showing to hand out preprinted materials.

Hours Per Week:  16-35

Wage: NON-PAID – May qualify for college credit but seek university approval first.

To Apply:  Send resume and cover letter to

Thank You
By Peta-Gay
January 24, 2015

We would like to thank each participant that attended today's FREE First Time Homebuyers Class.   The weather was undesirable yet you still made your way out which shows your commitment to your goal of homeownership.  It was our pleasure spending the afternoon with you.  We hope the class was informative  and that you gained a better understanding of the home buying process

Registration Open for FREE Class on Best Practices for Selling Your Home in a Competitive Market
By Peta-Gay
January 22, 2015

Join Property Locators LLC™ to learn the ins and outs of how to get your property ready for the Spring market . Design, marketing,  and other industry experts will lead the discussion and provide invaluable tips.

WHEN: Sunday, February 15, 2015
WHERE: Southeast Library – 403 7th Street SE Washington, DC 20003

To register please send attendee name, address and contact information to or call 202 683-0158.

I look forward to working with you to ensure you sell your home quickly for top dollar in 2015!

Are You Ready for Home Ownership? Here's How You Can Tell
By Peta-Gay
January 28, 2015

Are you ready to make that leap from living at home or renting to owning a home of your own? While everyone moves at their own pace, here are some signs that you can use to determine if it is time to own your own home. Let's take a look at some of the reasons you can use to justify your decision.

Are You Sticking Around?

If you plan on moving soon for a job or think that you won't be in town much longer, it may be better to rent. However, if you are thinking about living in the same town or within the same county for years to come, it is time to put down roots.

Do You Have a Steady Job?

Those who have a steady job and know that they have a stable salary may want to make the move to home ownership. As long as there aren't any other major debts eating into your income, you can probably handle a mortgage and other costs associated with home ownership. The equity that you build in your home can help you build wealth for the future if and when you want to retire. Your home may also make a great rental property in the future, which can help you diversify your portfolio and keep you solvent for years to come.

You Are Spending More Time Watching Television Shows Related to Home Ownership.

You may have caught yourself recently watching shows revolving around people or couples who are looking for homes. You may also be watching programs dedicated to giving tips as to how you can upgrade your home. If you watch these shows frequently, it may be a sign that you are ready to move out on your own and take on the exciting challenge of being a homeowner.

Are you ready to be a homeowner in the near future? Only you can say for sure if it is time to make that leap. However, those who are looking for a long-term housing solution may be ready to make that move. For more information, it may be worthwhile to talk to a real estate agent such as myself.  I can be reached at 202 683-0158 or