Thinking About Refinancing Your Mortgage? A Look at Refinancing Rates and Predictions for 2015
By Peta-Gay
February 23, 2015

Mortgage rates have been so low for so long that it's hard to believe there are any homeowners left who haven't refinanced their mortgages. But there are still people who can benefit, and conditions are still strong for refinancing. Below are some predictions for 2015 and how the refinancing market will shape up.

Rates Will Remain Low, At Least For A While

Mortgage rates moved back below 4 percent in the latter stages of 2014 and are expected to stay around that ...

Here are Ways to Prepare Your Home if You Live in a Flood Zone
By Peta-Gay
February 20, 2015

If your home is located in a flood zone, it's critical that you know how to get ready for those drenching spring rains. Here are some basic steps any homeowner can take to prepare for potentially devastating floods.

Community Emergency Plans

Your community has an emergency plan in case of flooding. There are warning signals to alert residents, evacuation routes mapped out and the locations of emergency shelters are given. Get in touch with your community government center if ...

Spring Cleaning: Follow Our Handy Guide to Organizing Your Garage, Basement and Attic
By Peta-Gay
February 19, 2015

Spring is coming faster than you think, and your garage, basement and attic need your attention. From sweeping cobwebs to throwing out old, useless junk and organizing family photos, spring cleaning is essential to keeping a tidy house. Follow our handy guide to organizing your garage, basement and attic once it starts to warm up outside.

Make Room For Your Car

You'll likely need to set aside a full weekend to organize your garage. As you won't be ...

Be Prepared for Your Mortgage Pre-approval Interview by Having Answers to These 4 Questions
By Peta-Gay
February 6, 2015


So – you've completed an initial mortgage pre-qualification and now you're ready to take the next step and meet with your lender or mortgage advisor for the pre-approval interview. Are you ready? At this stage of the application process your lender will dig into your financial background to ensure that you're fully capable of making your mortgage payments and that you don't present too high a risk. Let's take a quick look at a few questions you should know the answers to ...

2015 Kitchen Design: Three Trends That You Need to Be Aware of Before You Renovate
By Peta-Gay
February 6, 2015

Renovating your kitchen is an excellent way to improve its look, increase the value of your home and appeal to a more diverse range of home buyers if you decide to sell. However, a kitchen remodel can easily cost $10,000 to $20,000 or more, which is why you want to make choices that you can live with. Learning more about some of hottest trends for 2015 can help you decide what you want and don't want in your kitchen.

Traditional Is Back

Trends ...