3 Reasons Why the Lowest Mortgage Interest Rate Isn't Always Your Best Option
By Peta-Gay
August 3, 2015

One of the more common methods that home loan applicants use to find the best loan program available is to compare interest rates, but choosing the lowest rate possible is not always the best option available. In fact, in some cases, it may be one of the least advantageous options when all factors are considered. With a closer look, home mortgage applicants may decide to review other factors in combination with the interest rate to make a more informed decision when applying for a new loan.

The Closing Costs Impact The Rate

It ...

3 Reasons Why Your Closing Costs Will Vary Depending on the Type of Home You Buy
By Peta-Gay
August 4, 2015

Savvy home buyers who are preparing to make a real estate purchase may have done their research and may understand that they need to save money for both the down payment and the closing costs. The closing costs can account for as much as three to five percent of the sales price in some cases, so this can be a rather sizable amount of money. Some home buyers, however, may not realize that the amount of closing costs paid may vary considerably based ...

First-time Home Buyers: Why Splurging for a Larger Home Beats Condo Living
By Peta-Gay
August 5, 2015

Some first-time home buyers are on a tight budget when making their real estate purchase, and there may be an inclination by many to purchase a smaller property, such as a condo, rather than the home they truly want. While there may be some initial financial benefit associated with buying a smaller property, there are a few benefits associated with splurging and buying a larger home as a first purchase. By analyzing these benefits, first-time home buyers can make a more informed ...

Have a Weekend to Spare? Consider These Quick Renovations to Add Value to Your Home
By Peta-Gay
August 7, 2015

Homeowners who are thinking about listing their home for sale in the coming weeks or months may be focused on improving their home to help it sell more quickly, but there also may be a focus on adding value to the home in the process. While each home is unique, there are a few projects that most homeowners would benefit from. In fact, these are a few simple and easy projects that typically can be completed over the course of a weekend ...

House Hunting? Watch for These 5 Red Flags when Viewing Potential New Homes
By Peta-Gay
August 10, 2015

From the sales price to the general layout of the home, there are numerous factors that home buyers will consider when touring homes. While there are specific factors that home buyers may be searching for in a new home, there are also a few warning signs that home buyers should keep their eyes open for. These are among the top red flags that may serve as warning signs for home buyers.

Signs Of Poor Home Maintenance